Spouses involved in a failing marriage may worry if they will ever experience the bliss they experienced in previous years. However, many spouses remain unaware that their marriage is deteriorating quickly and that it could be headed for divorce. Here are a few of the signs that indicate a marriage could be improved before a motion for divorce is filed.

Although many might assume that failing marriages are characterized by constant arguing and yelling, the reality is that silence is a big indicator that the relationship has gone wrong. If communication does not occur at all or rarely throughout the day, spouses should make an effort to ask their partner about his or her day until longer, more important conversations start being held on a regular basis.


  • Constant Criticism

    Many partners in a failing marriage feel like they can do no right in the eyes of their spouse. In many cases, minor critiques will be made toward each other on a daily basis to ease some of the pressure that larger issues put on the relationship. If criticism is common, spouses should sit down with each other and discuss issues that might be leading to the continual negativity.

  • Poor Communication

    In many marriages, spouses feel left out of their partner’s life because they remain unaware of new developments. For instance, if a husband receives a promotion at work, he may wait until weeks later to tell his wife about it. Instead of letting this drive their marriage apart, spouses should be excited about telling each other about major occurrences in their life.

  • When Things Don't Improve

    Although spouses may put in significant effort to improve the state of their marriage, in some cases, their efforts may not be enough to revive the relationship and to help both spouses find happiness again. When this occurs, partners may want to consider divorcing their spouse and working with a child custody lawyer to divide the time they spend with their children.